Folding Fins.

The world's first design.

Folding Fins joined the game.
Together with you.

Thanks to our early supporters, we were able to introduce Folding Fins to the global market.





Units Sold


Patented worldwide.
Available for you.

Over 3 years of development resulted in creation of
the cutting-edge SeLock® folding system.

Lightning fast opening system.

Just unfold them and go for your adventure.

Suitable for every situation.

Universal construction and properties optimal for multiple use cases.


No matter where.
Always with you.

Compact design dedicated for those who care about freedom and environment.


pack them
and travel
with ease

Environmentally friendly.

We care about clean water in which you swim.

Made of less plastic, fully recyclable
Less transport
Folded fins results in smaller pack space
Ecological packaging
Reusable, recyclable box, plant-based paint

Inspired by nature.

To achieve the most optimal construction,
we have decided to design fins so that nature looks like.


New experience.

The bio-mimetic membrane in between of two flexible laths,
empowers a unique movement experience.
All of that, thanks to the build of the fin, just like a fishtail.

Innovative membrane.

Flexible and resistant construction reinforced by hexagonal mesh.

Reinforced structure
Flexible elastomer
Durable construction

Not only foldable,
but also adjustable.

The world's first patented foot pocket adjustment system.

Adaptive structure.

We developed a 4-point regulation system that allows fit foot pocket to user's preferences.
It gives a possibility of precise adjustment.

Adjust them as you wish.

Each strap allows you to fit foot pocket as you prefer.

One fin, many sizes.

No more choosing the size, you decide what is perfect for you.



High performance.

Streamlined laths' design gives a user an additional performance increase,
while maintaining low muscle energy consumption.

Optimized dynamics.

As it moves, the membrane creates a hydrodynamic
tunnel and efficiently directs the water flow.

Flexible mobility.

Never seen before movement range possibilities.

Best quality material.

Premium elastomers formula.

Weather conditions
Resistant to sunlight and color loss
Warping or breaking
Elastomers are more resistant to deflection
Salt water
Resistant to the effects of sea salt
Various temperatures
Can be used at any time of the year

The materials used to create folding fins are the best elastomers on the market, which are characterized by high resistance and durability. When selecting the appropriate formula, we wanted to make a long-lasting design. Folding fins will last for years and the user will not be forced to replace the fins with new ones every season. Thanks to this, we can undoubtedly say that we will contribute to protecting the environment and changing the perspective of using fins.

Made in European Union.

The fins are entirely produced in the EU and the material
used in production also comes from local suppliers.

Modern factories
Compliant with European Union's production standards
Quality control
Each stage of production is carefully checked

Our top-tier manufacturing partner meets European emission standards and processes 100% surplus material. Thanks to that every piece of elastomer is used and nothing is wasted. The fins will be produced entirely in the European Union and the material supplied for production will also come from local producers.

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